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Getting Started

This page is an overview of the Hyperdrive ecosystem as well as a guide to just the right amount of dependencies.#

Hyperdrive consists of two main modules — MultiplatformX and kRPC.


Seamless iOS and Android multiplatform view model integration with SwiftUI and Jetpack Compose, all in shared Kotlin code.

Head over to Installation if you're keen on the idea of reusing one view model for all platforms.

Defining a single BaseViewModel while using the provided delegate properties makes for a frictionless integration on all platforms. The delegates provide a clean and synchronous API while still leaving the option to observe each property individually when the need arises.


The view models should bear almost all the view logic, this allows for sharing all code except the platform-specific layout.

Simplified Example#

A simple Hyperdrive view model looks like this:

@ViewModel@AutoFactoryclass NewAccountViewModel: BaseViewModel() {    var name by published("")
    val greeting by { name ->        if (name.isEmpty) {            "Hello!"        } else {            "Hello, $it!"        }    }
    val isCreatingAccount by collected(instanceLock.isLoading)
    fun createAccountTapped() = instanceLock.runExclusively {        // This lock provides us with a suspending scope and prevents duplicate actions.        delay(500)    }}

In SwiftUI, @ObservedObject is used on the view model to automatically update the UI with new values.

struct NewAccountView {    @ObservedObject    var viewModel: NewAccountViewModel
    var body: some View {        VStack {            Text(viewModel.greeting)
            TextField("Name", text: $
            if viewModel.isCreatingAccount {                ProgressView()            } else {                Button("Create Account", action: viewModel.createAccountTapped)            }        }    }}

Jetpack Compose, thanks to the Hyperdrive Gradle plugin allows for a much more straight-forward code without the need for collectAsState() for every property you need to observe.

@Composablefun NewAccountView(viewModel: NewAccountViewModel) {    Column {        Text(viewModel.greeting)
        TextField(            value = message,            onValueChange = { = it },        )
        if (viewModel.isCreatingAccount) {            CircularProgressIndicator()        } else {            Button(onClick = viewModel.createAccountTapped) {                Text("Create Account")            }        }    }}

For more complex variations of the Hyperdrive view model, check out the MultiplatformX documentation.